Putting People First!

It is time for elected officials to start putting people first! The only way to accomplish that goal is to promote Godly principles!

We can elect the most gifted, talented, and attractive individuals to office, but without promoting Godly principles, we will continually come up lacking. In fact we will spend more time and energy trying to remove these individuals from office, than we used getting them elected.

When I say Godly principles, I mean being honest, truthful, treating others as we want to be treated, and being people of integrity.

For our government to be successful, Godly principles must be upheld.

That is why I am asking for your support in the November 2018 election. First, I am asking for your prayers. Second, I am asking for your financial support. And third, I am asking for your support as a volunteer in this campaign. Thank you, and let's start putting people first again!

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Together we can make a big difference in Texas, all campaign contributions will help us run a successful campaign! All contributions, large or small, make a huge difference in the amount of resources we can use to get the message out! Thank you!

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