Randy believes the Word of God to be true, that we are created in the image of our Heavenly Father and life is precious in the womb or out.

That marriage is ordained of God to consist of one man and one woman.

Randy is thankful for the second amendment, that enables the people of this nation a right to keep and bear arms. To protect our love ones and property from those that wish to do harm.

Randy believes, that in order to address the immigration issue, we must secure the border and make crossing a legal process. Building a wall would be the first step in securing the border.
The unsecured border has shamefully lasted too long.

Randy believes the Texas economy is a leader in jobs and business growth, because of lower taxes and less regulation. Creating and sustaining this environment for everyone to be successful is a must for our elected officials.

Randy believes the young people of this great state should have the opportunity to experience  the best of our educational system, and be protected from those that wish to do harm.

Randy believes the toll roads of this state should be free of charge after the debit is paid.




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